• Is the Fast Casual a growing segment of the food industry?

    The Fast Casual industry generated sales of $32 billion in 2009. The Fast Casual Food industry has been growing at a rate of 20-24% annually. It is the fastest growing food trend worldwide! The industry's growth is a revolution and is outpacing the conventional food industry in terms of growth.

  • How do I know if I'm the right person to own a The Sandwich Spot business?

    If you love people, like to interact with the community want to be your own boss, want to earn potentially a six figure salary want to help others achieve a healthier lifestyle, then licensing a The Sandwich Spot® is definitely for you!

  • What specific skills do I need to operate a The Sandwich Spot location?

    You just need to have the ability to make decisions, use common sense, be motivated, and be willing to do the steps needed to get your business off the ground. People skills are a must; they drive sales as well as provide the Mom and Pop feel to your location. Your interaction to your community is the base to building a successful business venture. We'll show you what you need to know based on our exclusive Road to Success Guide and the steps that I took to open The Sandwich Spot® in Sacramento Ca. You will soon be attracting employees who have like values, interests, skills and expertise that your business will need. And they will naturally come to you with enthusiasm and excitement because everybody loves the idea of making lots of money while feeling great!

  • How much time per week does this entail?

    At The Sandwich Spot® the more time you put in to your business the more profitable you will be. Your commitment to being at your store everyday is the ultimate way to generate revenue. You can expect to spend 50 to 60 hours minimum each week in you shop depending on your income requirements. This system is not for absentee owners to run unless a cost analysis report is done by the owner to see if The Sandwich Spot® is the right business for you.

  • What would my start-up costs be?

    This will vary depending on the individual type of establishment you choose and what variation of service you decide to create, be it a kiosk, café, to-go, or deli style. It will also depend on if you find a place to lease that was already a restaurant with fixtures you can use in place or whether you decide to build your own restaurant. An estimate is in the Company Overview.

  • How much money can I make by doing this?

    This will depend on your individual effort and how many The Sandwich Spot® locations you decide to open. Licensing The Sandwich Spot® business model is an opportunity to make a potential 6-Figure Income; therefore your revenues will depend on your time and effort. If you follow the Business Model we developed, you can expect to make a potential 6-Figure Income as we did in our first year in business.

  • Do I need to give a percentage of my income to your company, as Franchisees do?

    As a Licensee, you will never be required to pay "Royalties" to the Licensor. That is a major benefit of Licensing over Franchising. You only pay the one-time licensing fee! We will maintain your location on our corporate website for referrals to your area.

  • How does a Licensee differ from being a Franchisee, financially and otherwise?

    Besides never paying "Royalties", researches shows that 2/3 of all Franchisees break even or lose money. You are in complete control of your shops(s), creating everything from choosing your own name, to your color scheme, and the theme of your environment.

  • What do I stand to gain from licensing The Sandwich Spot Business System?

    The gratification derived of owning your own independent business. Also, 100% of your profits are yours to keep and yours to enjoy! You will be recognized in your community and most probably in your state/area, as a pioneer by offering healthy, tasty, hand crafted food with high quality ingredients to replace the frozen food trays of the supermarket, providing innovative, alternative, delicious and nutritional food choices! You will enjoy the essence of your entrepreneurial spirit, and be free to create your own Brand and environment, unimaginable in any franchise. You will answer to just one boss…Yourself!…Ahh, the bonus! There are great tax benefits when you own your own business.

  • How big will my area be and will it stay protected?

    Your area will be set on a case-by-case basis. Typically licensed territories are given a (3) mile radius within your city that you operate in.

  • How many locations can I open in one area?

    You may open as many Locations as you wish. Each location will be individually licensed (unless an agreement is made to open several locations in a territory agreement) and negotiations will be finalized at the time of the original business acquisition. A discount on multiple locations will be at the sole discretion of The Sandwich Spot Inc.

  • How long will it take to get started?

    Once we have finalized the Licensing Agreement, typically you can be open within 3 to six months. However there are many variables depending upon your local jurisdiction, due to the particular permit & licensing process in your city and county when opening a Food business.

  • Can I skip any steps and move directly to the Licensing Agreement?

    The Non-Disclosure Agreement must be signed, but you may choose to skip the Intent to License and move directly to the Licensing Agreement. The Sandwich Spot™ does NOT modify the License Agreement.

  • What happens after I receive a License for my area?

    As soon as you have signed the Licensing Agreement, you may immediately begin work on your signage, menu and marketing material. You will also receive our user friendly The Sandwich Spot™ Road to Success Guide. This "Quick Start Guide" will assist you with everything you need to know to follow our success. Every aspect of the The Sandwich Spot business and our success formula we developed and followed to set up our Sacramento shop is revealed. This guide will provide you with information for suggested food inventory, recipes, menu options and presentations, equipment and fixture choices/costs, our process for hiring & training, marketing & P.R. tips, vendor contacts, bulk items to have, sourcing and other possible profitable retail products you could add to your café to sell. Your success is our success and our goal.

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